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As a professional Basketball Training company, LAABWORK has become well-known and respected throughout the North Carolina and the East Coast. We have developed our own unique training methods, all aimed at syncing the body and mind in preparation for competing against the best. We believe that a rigorous training system not only develops physical strength, but also the mental stamina required to compete at the highest levels of the game. At LAABWORK, we keep up with the latest training techniques and methodologies, and consistently push my our athletes to the limit.

“Perseverance, secret of all triumphs”

Victor Hugo

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Where Iron Sharpens Iron

Our Culture

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About Laabwork

LAABWORK is a revolutionary multi-sport training organization that offers dynamic, innovative and customized programs for coaches, organizations, athletes and their families.


We have attracted the attention of athletes of all ages and skill levels from all over the world - becoming a premiere destination for beginners, collegiate, international and professional athletes. LAABWORK offers specific men and women's physical and mental training in the basketball, baseball, football and adaptive sports.

Basketball Dunk


The Acronym L.A.A.B. means, "living with abilities and learning athletic behaviors".


We call it the "LAAB" because our training method is controlled experimentation transformed into an exciting developmental experience.


We giuide our athletes through a process of organized experimentation that creates an understanding of their unique skill-set and body type. That skill-set is then cultivated to maximize that individual's athletic potential.

Strong Basketball Player


LAABWORK seeks to work alongside community organizations that have a community focused vision and whose mission will have a positive impact on the lives of our community's youth.


We hope that by collaborating with great organizations our collective efforts will become a powerful tool to teach our youth life's lessons and to help them reach their full potential in all endeavors.

What OUR Athletes Think...

Harry Giles

Sacramento Kings

"I was introduced to LAABWORK by a classmate who I went to school and played basketball with in middle school. We started training with Bates when he came to our local recreation center, twice a week, and I would jump in. Honestly, I didn't like it at first because I felt like I was having too much fun. It was almost like "why don't I feel like I'm killing myself to get better?", however, it ended up being something I did everyday. 

My personal experience with Laabwork is more than basketball. I feel like I have a different approach and meaning when I hear laabwork. Everybody feels different about it but when you really get to know who you are training with and really learn that he may love the game as much as you or more than you - that's when you realize who you are dealing with. An amazing leader and coach on the floor and an amazing leader off the floor. Understanding life in a way you can't imagine. You will learn so many things from him off the court, you will always wonder is this really my trainer? He always will make sure you feel comfortable and make you crave more of his training because everyday you learn more and he always has more energy than you every time you walk in the gym.  I have been a part of Laabwork since I was in the 7th grade and it was the best decision I ever made because regardless of when that ball stops bouncing, Coach bates will always be "Unk" to me and that's why I always say that Laabwork is different to me than your average athlete. I could write a book but I think you feel where I am coming from.

To somebody who is considering laabwork, like coach says, his training isn't for everybody but his training is for you if you have the right mindset and you are ready to work hard and have fun everyday you are in the gym. It's hard not to have a great time while training with Laabwork. It's a party in the gym everyday and he is the DJ. That's what we want as ball players, to make the grind feel like it's fun instead of torture. You will have a great time and get better, I can promise you that. The guys who came before you will always come back in the summer to teach and even work with you to help you get to the next level. That's our job and what we were taught while we were coming through laabwork. How could we not give back? THATS MY DAWG!!! - HG"

Olufemi Boko

Newberry University

"I was introduced to LAABWORK through Harry Giles at the CP3 camp when we were younger, Coach Bates was one of the coaches. My personal experience has been me creating a whole new family through LAABWORK and the results have been extraordinary in my development as a player and as a man.


I would tell anyone who is considering working with LAABWORK that it will be a life changing experience and you will get better for sure. If you like a safe place to better yourself on and off the court then the LAAB is where you need to be. If you stay consistent with the program then I promise the results will show, as I and many other athletes are living proof."

Davien Williamson

Winston Salem Prep

"Coach Bates was a Team Winston coach went I first started playing with the team. We met and we connected real fast. Next thing I know we are in the gym putting some work in! Laabwork is great because it’s a great balance of hard work and fun. I think Laabwork has definitely help me become a division 1 player..
If you are considering this program than you need to understand that it's a “Dog eat Dog world” and competitions only makes you better so come ready to compete."

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What OUR PARENTS Think...

woman 13

"We have work with Coach Bates and LAAB works for over 6 years. He is a wonderful motivator and mentor to all of my children. His training knowledge is amazing, but that is such a small part of his program. He knows his students and how to motivate them to bring out their best on the court, in the classroom and navigating life. Coach Bates has been trained to help students with injury rehab but also how to train to prevent further injuries. He has been a blessing and we consider him like family."

- Kelly Silver

man 8

“After hearing about Coach Bates and how awesome of a trainer he is, I brought my daughter to LAABwork. After 1 day, I saw improvement and now my daughter would rather be in basketball training instead of leisure activities. LAABwork has taught my daughter the fundamentals of basketball, which is something she didn't have before. Now she has more structure and understanding of the game. She spends more time with her ball and than anything else now. I highly recommend LAABwork to anyone who is serious about playing basketball.”

- Roschelle Taylor

man 6

"LAABWORK has been such a positive force in my son's growth toward manhood. He has changed so much in the last year.  He has become more confident in everything he does. He seems so much happier and he is a different animal on the football field as well as the basketball court.  Coach Bates truly has a gift and I am so thankful that he became part of our lives these past few years. My family truly appreciates what Coach Bates has done to make our son's life better.  I went to one of my sons' football games and there were at least four dads that came up to me bragging on him, telling me how much better and quicker he has gotten and I got to tell ya it made me feel really good!"

- Daniel Cooke

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