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Founder of LAABWORK

Kenneth Bates, founder and developer of the LAABWORK training system, is the most sought after professional in the world of basketball training and player development. While attending college on a baseball scholarship, Kenneth graduated with a B.S. in Physical Education (focus in Kinesiology) and a minor in Adolescent Psychology.


An extensive background in various sports, Kinesiology (human movement) and youth psychology provides Kenneth a unique insight into the minds and bodies of athletes - whether they are young children just starting out or professionals. Most importantly, Kenneth understands that optimum results can only be achieved by developing the whole player - mentally, physically and emotionally. LAABWORK takes pride in watching it's players improve while simultaneously developing the character, morals, respect, confidence and self-discipline required to excel in sports and life. Through intense preparation and realistic goal-setting, I motivate, inspire, and develop my athletes into successful stars.


Turning Clients Into Team Members

LAABWORK is more a than training company. It's a place where genuine relationships are formed that last a lifetime. What makes our team special is that each of our team members started as a LAABWORK client. Each member has a special talent that they bring to LAABWORK, a special skill to teach our clients and the heart to give back to our community and help the youth reach their full potential.

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Demetrius Shore

Trainer with Towel



Young Trainer



My Training Experience

Since 2000, I have been training athletes to the top of their respective sports. I am currently a Sports Trainer in North Carolina, having worked with some of the top athletes in the area. I am well known for helping trainees surpass their limits, as well as for my passionate and focused training style.

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